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Welcoming in 2021 with NEW Services!

It is undeniable that 2020 was far from the year we wanted it to be; Entering into January 2020, none of us could of predicted the “New Normal” that would soon grasp hold of our everyday lives, or the terms “Face Covering”, “Social Distancing” or “Lockdown” making their way into everyday speech. Nevertheless, with vaccines on the horizon, there is an exit strategy to this crisis, and 2021 is upon us. This will be a year of recovery.


To celebrate the New Year, AltitudeWeb is pleased to announce a series of upgrades and new services available from 1st January 2021!


VPS Hosting

One of our most requested features throughout 2020 was the offering of VPS Servers. We are very pleased to announce after an internal trial, we will be offering Fully Managed VPS Hosting from this month! Complimenting our Takeoff, Climb and Cruise Packages are our new:

  • Propeller Package: Featuring a Single Core CPU, 2GB Ram and 40GB SSD Storage
  • Jet Package: Featuring a Dual Core CPU, 4GB Ram and 80GB SSD Storage
  • Supersonic Package: Featuring a Quad Core CPU, 8GB Ram and 160GB SSD Storage

As with our Shared Webhosting, we will also be offering custom VPS Server Packages to clients with 2GBps Port Speed, between 1-8 CPU Cores, 2-32GB of RAM and 160-640GB SSD Storage


PHP Version Upgrade

PHP 8.0 was released in November, and we are pleased to now offer PHP 8.0 to all clients alongside our existing PHP versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.4.


We have also recently been receiving many queries regarding our support of PHP 5.6; We are pleased to announce that we will continue to support PHP 5.6 until at least January 2023 as we appreciate many websites running older scripts rely on the 5.6 framework and do not yet support PHP 7 or the newest 8.0 version. By default all websites are set to run version 7.4, though the option to downgrade to 5.6 will remain there for the foreseeable future.


App Development

Our new IOS and Android App Development service will be going live next month – February 2021. Stay tuned for future updates!


On behalf of all of us here at AltitudeWeb, thank you for your continued support and a very Happy New Year!


The Team at AltitudeWeb

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