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Our VPS Hosting packages provide larger, more dedicated, resources for you and your project – All fully managed by our expert team!

Our Promises

Your project is important, we understand. As such, we make three core commitments and promises to you:

100% Uptime SLA

All of our VPS Packages come with a 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) for peace of mind that your server will always be online

Money Back Guarantee

Whilst we highly doubt it, if you are at any point unsatisfied with your VPS Service, you have a 30-day money back guarantee

24/7 Managed Support

Our customers are our top priority, so we offer 24/7 support with all our VPS Packages: Our technicians are on hand at all hours to offer support

Our VPS Hosting Plans

We have a range of packages suiting mid-level enterprise, through to international SaaS and revolutionary products


Perfect for mid-level enterprise needing their first VPS

  • Single Core CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 40GB SSD Disk Space
  • 250Mbps Port Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Expert Team to manage server
  • cPanel Control Panel


Ideal for larger businesses/projects with a higher userbase

  • Dual Core CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 80GB SSD Disk Space
  • 500Mbps Port Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Expert Team to manage server
  • cPanel Control Panel


Ideal for internationally-scaled enterprise and products

  • Quad Core CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 160GB SSD Disk Space
  • 1Gbps Port Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Expert Team to manage server
  • cPanel Control Panel

Custom Packages

Contact us to arrange a custom package

  • Single-Quad Core CPU
  • 2-32GB RAM
  • 160-640GB SSD 
  • 2Gbps Port Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Expert Team to manage server

Why choose AltitudeWeb's VPS Hosting?

We understand the importance of your website and it's uptime: We put customers are the heart of everything we do. Here's some reasons why you should choose AltitudeWeb's VPS Hosting:

Maximum Performance

All our VPS Packages are optimised for maximum performance including the the PHP-FPM engine, the latest Dell Server Hardware and Samsung SSDs, and 24/7 technicians ensuring your server is running the very best it can!

Fully Managed by AltitudeWeb

VPS and Server Management can be quite a lengthy task. However, rest assured that with AltitudeWeb, all our VPS Packages are fully managed by us meaning you can sit back and handle just the management of your website: Not it’s server. Our Fully Managed VPS Packages include:

  • 24/7 support from our team of expert server technicians, each with year’s of experience
  • Technicians regularly updating and upgrading your server and it’s services to the latest version, watching out for any important patches needing installing
  • UK-based support agents: We’ll never outsource our support and technician teams
  • Help installing scripts, software and transferring to your new AltitudeWeb VPS Package


All servers are installed with support for the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certification: Meaning your visitors can visit using the HTTPS (secure) protocol 

Security & Integrity at our Core

Security is integral to all of our VPS Packages. To ensure security of all our client’s servers

  • Powerful anti-DDOS protection with inbuilt load-balancing and protection from volumetric and layer 7 attacks
  • Our London based datacentre is ISO27001-certified with 24/7 CCTV surveillance, perimeter fencing and strict access control. Your data is here in the UK and always will be. We are fully PCI compliant
  • Firewall & Malware Scanning: All our packages come with a robust firewall to protect against threats, and we also run daily malware scans on your VPS to ensure no threats are present
  • Brute Force Protection and 2fA: We enable 2fA by default on all accounts and deploy StackProtect AI and Rule-based protection systems to prevent brute-force password attacks and social engineering scams 

100% Uptime SLA

Uptime is vital, and therefore all of our VPS Packages come with a 100% uptime Service-Level Agreement (SLA). In the unlikely event something does go wrong, your account will be credited for each second of downtime – Though we believe that would be very unlikely!

Transparent & Honest Pricing

Most VPS providers often ask customers to ‘Request a Quote’: Not here at AltitudeWeb. All our prices are upfront and inclusive of everything you need to get started. 

What’s more, if in your first thirty days with us you’re unsatisfied (though we are sure you won’t be!) we will offer you a full money back guarantee

Some VPS FAQ's

There are three main types of commercial hosting offering: Shared, VPS & Dedicated Hosting. 

  • Shared Hosting is a single server which hosts multiple client-spaces and sites/data
  • VPS Hosting is an isolated space within a dedicated server for just your site/data
  • Dedicated Hosting is an entire server and it’s resources dedicated for your site/data

You are browsing our VPS Hosting Packages offering the maximum resources all dedicated for you and your project. Interested in our cheaper Shared Hosting plans? Click here

A Managed VPS gives you the freedom and power of a VPS and all it’s dedicated resources, without the extra work. You don’t have to manage the server, install all the software or keep it updated. With a Managed VPS this is all done for you by our expert  team. If you have any problems, support is on hand to help 24/7.

With unmanaged VPS packages, you are responsible for all this maintenance yourself, with the host only supplying the server.

With any Managed Virtual Private Server you’ll be able to host as many sites as capacity will allow. You can partition your VPS to allocate disk space to each site you want to host. You’re in control: you can set custom package types for each partition all from within the Client control panel. Should you need to expand, upgrading is just a one-click process with no interruptions: We’ll install and deliver the new resources to your server ASAP

Yes, you do. All our VPS Servers include the option of having locally run IMAP email servers, or the option to link to an external emailing system such as Microsoft Office365 or Google Workspace (formerly GSuite)

All our Managed VPS Packages come with support for the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

We offer a range of operating systems depending on your needs:

Centos 7
Centos 8
CoreOS Stable
Debian 9
Debian 10
Fedora 31
FreeBSD 12 ZFS
Ubuntu 16.04
Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 19.10
Ubuntu 20.04
Windows Server 2016 Standard (Desktop)
Windows Server 2019 Standard (Desktop)

Yes you can use a familiar control panel with your VPS.


All our servers come with cPanel by default for 1 site. Alternative panels are offered for a small fee:

  • cPanel x1 License: Included free
  • cPanel x10 Licenses: £10.99/mo
  • cPanel x30 Licenses: £13.99/mo
  • Plesk Panel: £1.99/mo (unlimited Licenses)


(Note: you require 1 license for the control panel per domain/site hosted)

Need web development to complement?

We offer a range of web development services including custom website design, programming and support (such as installations and customisation)