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If you’re needing help with something, check here first! Our FAQs includes frequently asked questions, and their answers. Still need help? Get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst our support team is onhand 24/7, our FAQs may help self diagnose your query!

Hosting FAQs

AltitudeWeb offers shared webhosting to clients. We do not currently offer VPS or Dedicated Servers to clients. Despite this, our hosting offers unmetered resources (Cruise Plan) and fabulous value for money! Our datacenter is an OVH Dedicated Server in the BHS Datacenter, Beauharnois, Canada.

Yes. We offer a free SSL certificate for every domain/subdomain hosted with us via cPanel (Provided by Sectigo) This allows your customers and users to access your site via HTTPS:// and a green-padlock to appear in the top left corner of the URL bar. Extended Validation (EV) SSL is also avaliable for a small additional monthly cost. 

We certainly do! Our friendly and professional team of server technicians, DNS experts and programmers are on-hand 24/7, 365 to provide support to clients via Live Chat, Tickets and Email. If you need help with anything, we are here to support! Plus we boast a 1hr response time!

Our nameservers are: 



We do! Though we don’t expect you will, if you are unsatisfied with our services, you can request a full money-back refund within 30 days of your service start date. Rest assured though, we are sure you’ll be very happy with us!

We offer all clients hosted with us a cPanel account to manage their services. We also have a useful Client Area allowing key tasks and features to be accessed. Within your cPanel account you can access FTP details, manage/create email addresses, subdomains and alter DNS settings, and access database services via PHPMyAdmin. We constantly add new features and tools to our client area/cPanel spaces.

By default we do not offer Shell/SSH access to clients; If this is a feature you are interested in, please speak to our Support Team who will review your requirements for SSH access, and enable if appropriate. We charge a £5 setup/administration fee for SSH access (one-time)

If you are seeking a dedicated/unique IP address for your site/hosted account, please contact our Support Team who can assist. There will be a small monthly fee addition for a dedicated IP Address.

If you are unable to visit your website, you may of had three consecutive failed login attempts to your Client Area, cPanel or Webmail portal/s. This will clear by default in 60mins (1hr) but if you need instant access, please email our Support Team who will be able to unblock your IP Address

Development & Design FAQs

AltitudeWeb’s professional services include assistance with installations, upgrades and migrations, web development, graphic design and app development/publishing

No. Our Development Team are happy to offer professional services on or off AltitudeWeb’s hosting packages. If you have alternative hosting elsewhere, that isn’t an issue – We will never upsell you AW Hosting

It is best to contact us directly for a quote via our Services Page. However, we charge the following base prices:

  • £199 – Web Development 
  • £399 – App (IOS & Android) Development
  • £19 – Graphic Design & Logos
  • ££ – Printing Services

AltitudeWeb has a dedicated Development Team who provide our professional services. All team members work on an employment basis for AltitudeWeb and come from a highly talented, competitively recruited, pool of candidates. Portfolios of our team and AltitudeWeb’s previous work is available here. For details on our team, visit our About Page.

We have varying timeframes for our professional services so it is probably best to contact us directly for specific details and an information pack. However, as a bare-minimum:

  • Graphics – 24-36hr turnaround possible
  • Websites – 1week turnaround possible
  • Apps – 1month turnaround possible
  • Printing & Publishing – Times vary

Please view the respective service’s page for details on how to enquire/purchase a service: